Amazon account management services

18 Mar. 22

Different Types Of Amazon Account Management Services


There is no need to give an introduction to Amazon. It is a company which sells several products. Amazon provides all its sellers with Amazon account management services. The benefit of this service is that it helps the sellers to grow their business to the next level. Several sellers are earning their livelihood with the help of Amazon account management. The account manager delivers these services with vast knowledge and also provides data-driven insights. On top of that, it also helps the customers in growing their business as far as they can.

If you are deciding to be a seller in Amazon then this article will help to gain your knowledge. Follow the article.

What Are The Different Types Of Account Management Services?

Amazon offers different types of Amazon account management. Let’s check it out.

  1. Strategic Account Management:ย  Strategic Account Management is abbreviated as SAM. It is free account management and offers the sellers data-based insights. This helps the new sellers to grow their business on the Amazon India Marketplace. Moreover, it also introduces the sellers to new business opportunities. Other than that, it also guides category-specific inputs on selection expansion. Under these account management services, the sellers get the opportunity to with year-long account management. One of the drawbacks of this management service is that this service is currently expanded with the invitation. Based on the existing performances, the sellers are selected.
  2. Time-Bound Account Management: Time-Bound Account Management abbreviated as TBAM. The main advantage of this TBAM is that is free account management and offers the sellers 3 to 6 months of account management engagement. It offers best practices for growth and also improves key metrics for the growth of their businesses. However, this service is limited to some sellers only. It means not everyone is lucky to avail of the services. This service is currently expanded by invitation. On the basis of the seller’s performances, they will be given better opportunities and places. It also provides ad optimization.
  3. Amazon Business Advisory: Unlike the other service management, Amazon Business Advisory is a pain management service. This service provides business intelligence-driven strategic insights to the sellers to scale up their revenues and contribute to making them successful on the Amazon India Marketplace by driving key inputs. This service provides a minimum 3 months option for renewing them. As a part of this service, sellers get a dedicated and experienced Account Manager from Amazon. With the help of this service, the sellers can grow their business and gain several customers instantly. Only those sellers who have an active account in Amazon can avail this service.

What Are The Different Types Of Services Helps In The Growth Of Business?

Service Provider Network: Service provider network is another types of Amazon account management services. It provides the sellers to choose between two options. The options are either to choose issue based service or full account management service as a paid service from a third party service provider.

Amazon Select: The sellers also can be benefited because Amazon Select is a brand building program. This helps the sellers to grow their private label brands on the Amazon India Marketplace.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it can be said that Amazon is providing the sellers a chance to grow and expand their business. Several sellers are earning lots of money by selling their products online across the country. However, some sellers are novices and don’t have much idea regarding Amazon account management. That is why by reading this article, the sellers will gain knowledge and try their best to earn money.