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How do sellers lose their accounts on Amazon?

It is always advisable that you should maintain the proper guidelines of Amazon to get rid of the penalty. The probable reasons are as follows to Prevent Your Amazon Account Suspended.

  • Poor review and feedback from potential customers.
  • Failure of delivery in exact time.
  • Cancellation of orders.
  • Selling depleted items like a new product.
  • Selling of branded products without taking permission.
  • Creating a new account without rectifying the suspended account.

Account Suspension

About Us

Welcome to Digital Kumar. We deal with those sellers whose accounts have been suspended by the Amazon due to some reasons. If you are facing this problem, then don’t lose heart, we are here only for you. For many years, we are providing our service in this field so that the sellers can be benefitted. We understand how you are going through after losing your account.

What is the meaning of Suspension, Banned and Denied?

We have to know in detail, what is the exact meaning of Suspension. There is a basic difference between Suspension, Banned and Denied.
Well, suspension means you are having a chance to appeal. Banned means we all know that Amazon is not going to give you any chance to appeal. They have already rejected your petition and they will no longer read or reply to your mails.

Denied is also somewhat similar to Suspension. Your appeal has been rejected but still, you can apply for once. If your account has been suspended, then don’t lose hope, there is a chance to recover your accounts. In

How we Help you to Appeal to Reinstate suspended Amazon Seller Account?

We are happy to help you in reinstating a suspended Amazon Seller Account. We can understand how painful and miserable it is for your business. Many of you earn your livelihood by this means only. Don’t lose your heart, it is fortunate that Amazon is giving you a chance to appeal. There are many reasons why Amazon suspends your account. The probable reasons are maybe the shipment charge is higher than your or for selling counterfeit items. Well, suspension means as declared earlier, you are still having a chance to appeal. In this case, a written letter can serve your purpose. We will help you in writing an Amazon appeal letter.

Our work is to write charming and fantastic letters to Amazon so that they did not ban your account. Because once your account gets a ban, it is very difficult to retrieve it. Many accounts of the potential customers are being retrieved by us. We will guide you exactly the way which is needed.

How do we work?

You can trust us fully as we will provide you with all sorts of equipment which are mandatory and needed to get back your Amazon account. We value your service. Maybe for some reasons, your account has been suspended but just rely on us, we are there to help you in this crisis period.

  • We write an appealing letter to the upper management team of Amazon.
  • We will admit your every fault which means everything which you have committed.
  • We will also send an email and apologise for the committed sins.
  • We will also try to give proper justification for the mistakes that have been made.
  • We will try to convince them as much as possible to reinstate the Amazon account.

How We Write The Amazon Appeal Letters?

We know that you must be feeling very depressed for losing your account. Don’t lose your heart instead just feel free to contact us. We will listen to all your queries and try to sort out the problems genuinely.

All you need to do is to fill-up the form and send it to us. Our Amazon Account Reinstatement Service Man will call you within a few minutes.

We will guide you to write the letter and if you face a problem in writing the letter, then we will write to you.

If it has been found that your account has been suspended illegally or if by any mistake, then we will also help you in taking legal actions. In the form, you have to write all your details and provide all the necessary documents like email id, date of birth, full postal address, phone number and identity proof. Just contact us and feel relaxed. We are the one who will take all your responsibilities in working out with your suspended account.

So far, we have worked with many sellers whose account has been suspended. They have trusted us and we ultimately became successful in reinstating their accounts. We are assuring you with our service

We uniquely write the Amazon appealing letter in a unique way by stating all the problems that a seller has undergone. We also deal with the queries in such a way that your account can once be reactivated.

Why do sellers choose us?

We consider our customers to be our God and we are always there to help you in any of your needs. Just call us or email us, we will reach you. Our Amazon Account Reinstatement Service is always open to you. We are providing our service for the last few years. There have still been no complaints against us and there are also no bad reviews. So have faith in us, we will certainly try to sort out your problems as we understand how depressed you are right at this moment. But we want to clear one thing that we can try only with our best efforts to reinstate your account. The ultimate decision will be taken by Amazon. We work with all our efforts to retrieve the Amazon Seller Account suspended.

You can pay a visit to our website and check all the reviews and honest feedback of our clients.

Our service at your door.

We always try to help you with our service. Though we can’t assure you whether your account will be retrieved or not, as that depends upon the Amazon team but we will try our 100% to put a smile on your face.

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