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Who are we?

We are happy to inform you that we are always there to help you with your needs. We will help you on how to open an Amazon seller account! You will be happy to be a part of our group. So feel free to contact us whenever you need us. Our service is always provided to you 24×7. Our professional team is there who will guide you in everything. If you want to start your business then open an account in Amazon as a seller.

Why do you need our service?

We know that many of the sellers like you earn their main source of income from this online selling platform. So you have to maintain a nice and decent account so that the buyers get attracted to it. Moreover, your account has to be unique as many sellers are there who are fighting with each other. In this era of competition, you too have to have a competitor mentality. So if you want to earn money from Amazon, contact us immediately. You just remain to relax and the rest things will be done by us.

Amazon Listing Optimization

From beginning to end, we do it all to boost your organic rankings and sales. Many Amazon product listings aren’t optimized correctly, leaving a lot of potential revenue on the table. Our Amazon experts make sure you’re reaching maximum ROI from the very beginning. Our Amazon marketing agency:

  • Optimizes your images and content.
  • Ensures your product is featured in the proper category.
  • Within that category, we perform keyword research to identify which words or phrases to focus on that are most profitable and will drive the most organic rankings.
  • It provides you with relevant descriptions to increase conversion rates.
  • Work within Amazon’s 200-character limit to maximize your titles with proper keywords and language that turns clicks into purchases.
  • Ensures your photos are high-level, professional images that are sized correctly displayed well and framed accordingly to boost sales through your marketing efforts.

Amazon Catalog Organization

If you already have an Amazon catalog established, we’ll evaluate the categories you’re in, look at the parent-child variations and make sure they’re properly organized and optimized. Variations are sets of products related to one another. Quality variation relationship listings help buyers compare and select products based on different attributes, such as color or size, from options on a product detail page.

The catalog relates to the brand. If you’re building a brand on Amazon, an entire catalog of goods shows up for your company. You want to ensure people are taken to your branded area if you’re pushing a brand on Amazon. We help you run sponsored brand advertisements as opposed to sponsored product ads.

How we attract your account?

As we stated earlier, there is high competition in this selling buying market. We want our client to earn more in this field and can enhance their business properly. We not only create your account but also provide other facilities. Check out.

  • Listing new products: In this section, only professional sellers can access it. If you are an individual seller, then you can add offers to listings. We are here to guide you and do the listings for you.
  • Shipping Rates: For the individual sellers we set the shipping charge. We set it in such a way so that you can earn your profit. In the case of Professional sellers, they are free to choose their shipping charge. They can even make a profit from their earning. We are also there to look after the matter as we know many instances, where a seller in order to earn their profit, can also be suspended from Amazon. So, choose carefully or rely on us.
  • Gated Categories: The gated categories like jewellery, gift cards, which are used can only be used by the Professional sellers.

We are happy to announce that we successfully open Amazon Individual seller account. We are excited to announce that there is till now no bad reviews against us. So, without wasting your valuable time, feel free to contact us. Our team will reach you as soon as possible.

What documents are needed?

you just have to submit a few of your Product Information, like a product photo , Ligin Details ,  Dimension , MRP , Sales Price etc. You just have to submit these information and your Listing will be done.

Our service at your door

We know that as a seller it is very important for you to choose wisely open Amazon account to see your profit. Many Sellers are selling and this way they are earning their source of income. We not only promise but also prove ourselves by our services. We charge money only after our work is done. If you opt for paid services then you will get many services at a time. However, there are many packages by which you can manage your account as a seller in order to grow and enhance your business.

Digital Kumar Amazon Listing Services

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