Amazon Account Suspension

24 Aug. 20

Amazon Account Suspension


Amazon is a global platform to sell your products. If you are a new entrepreneur who wants to popular your product around the world don’t afraid of Amazon Suspension, Always be strict with rules and regulations and fulfill all the required criteria of, hence you can get ample opportunities to unfurl your product globally.

The following things prevent you from Amazon suspension:

Quick Response to Each Notification from Amazon. in:

As a seller, you have to be up-to-date and quick in responding to each notification from Amazon. Amazon is a large platform to satisfy the demand of both sellers and buyers; hence you have to be alert and active toward all the notifications from Amazon. in. Always clarify the issues politely in a proper manner and don’t make any conflict. Special attention should be provided to the mail from “ amazon. in” and respond within a few minutes to the Amazon Suspension e-mail.

Provide Prompt Service to Your Customers:

The foremost work of Amazon is to satisfy its customer. You have to be prompt towards each query and doubt from the customer. Always respond immediately to the packing issues, shipping, and any question about the product from the customer. Moreover, give quick service to the post-purchase issues as well. Amazon suspension appeal service you provide to your customers.

Regularized your Product Listing:

Your product listing should be attractive and carry a standard price as per the quality of materials. It should not be higher than similar products on Amazon. The product description should be clear and authentic and set the minimum and maximum price ranges properly. Monitoring of the product listing regularly and properly prevent you from Amazon Suspension appeal.

Never Give Counterfeit Promises to The Customers:

A customer always wants a good deal in every purchase so never provide any false offer. Fake notification and false description only lead you to Amazon suspension. Never give any fake promises and notifications to the customers. The seller must maintain business ethics to prevent Amazon suspension appeal.

Maintain The Quality of Your Product:

Customer satisfaction always depends on the quality of the products. Never compromise with the quality of your products. The product must maintain its standard quality. Amazon suspension appeals, if you use other company trademarks, so avoid branding.

Ensure Shipping on Time:

The product must reach the customer on due time and date. Amazon appeal by calculating the number of orders not shipped on due date divided by the number of orders shipped on time and must be less than 4%. As a seller on Amazon always avoids late shipping.

Monitor Your Account Every Day:

Every day spend time monitoring your Amazon Seller Account. The seller should be attentive towards each feedback, any defect or query from the customer or market. Fears of Amazon Suspension help you to be attentive and alert. As a Seller, you must know your account properly; it helps you to resolve the issues.

Grow with Amazon to provide quality products to the customer with authentic business deals and never be afraid to get Amazon suspension email.


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